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Hadi Elbagoury's Etisalat Ad Exceeds 11 Million Views in Less than a Week
Cairo, Egypt | Monday - 26 February 2018
In less than a week, Etisalat Egypt's new ad by director Hadi Elbagoury, featuring star Mohamed Ramadan, topped YouTube's most watched videos with more than 11 million views. Hadi Elbagoury has directed several TV commercials

Director Hadi Elbagoury Receives the Special Award at the Cairo Film Society Festival
Cairo, Egypt | Thursday- 9 February, 2017
At the 43rd Cairo Film Society Festival, director Hadi Elbagoury received a special award under the name of late director Mohamed Khan for his film Hepta: The Last Lecture, which marks his second award for the same film

Director Hadi Elbagoury Wins the Gold Award at Dubai Lynx 2016
Cairo, Egypt | Sunday- 13 March, 2016:
Two of director Hadi Elbagoury's TV commercials won the Gold award under the Film category at 10th Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity, which honors the region's best work in advertising and TV

Director Hadi Elbagoury Wraps up Filming for Hepta: The Last Lecture
Cairo, Egypt |Saturday- 5 March 2016:
Director Hadi Elbagoury revealed that he has wrapped up filming Hepta: The Last Lecture, which is based on Mohamed Sadek's best-selling book under the same name. Featuring a long-list of stars, the film moved to the editing phase and is set to be released in theaters soon.

Hadi Elbagoury Begins Filming Hepta: The Last lecture
Cairo, Egypt | Tuesday- 29 December, 2015:
Director Hadi Elbagoury began the filming process for Hepta: The Last lecture on Sunday after going through a long pre-production phase throughout most of 2015. Although the film includes a long lineup of superstars, the very first scene will only include two children in a school setting.

Hadi Elbagoury Misses His Honoring as Best Music Video Director due to His Father's Death
Cairo, Egypt | Wednesday- 14 October, 2015:
At the opening ceremony of the 4th edition of the Cairo Mondial for Media and Artistic Works, Ibrahim Abu Zekri, head of The General Union for Arab Producers, has announced director Hadi Elbagoury as Best Music Video Director for his oeuvre as a director for music videos.

Hadi Elbagoury Directs the Theme Song of The First Lady TV Series
Cairo, Egypt | Saturday- 26 July, 2014:
Prolific Director Hadi Elbagoury has directed the opening and ending theme songs of the new Egyptian TV hit The First Lady which stars Ghada Abdel Razek and Mamdouh Abdelalim. The TV drama recounts the story of Mariam, the president's wife, who seeks by time to take over.....

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