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After the DG Best Director Award for His Film Hepta: The Last Lecture
Director Hadi Elbagoury Receives the Special Award at the Cairo Film Society Festival
Cairo, Egypt | Thursday- 9 February, 2017:

At the 43rd Cairo Film Society Festival, director Hadi Elbagoury received a special award under the name of late director Mohamed Khan for his film Hepta: The Last Lecture, which marks his second award for the same film after the DG Best Director Award at the 2016 annual poll of the Dear Guest Magazine (DG Awards).

Director Hadi Elbagoury will receive this year's award, which is under the name of late director Mohamed Khan, on Saturday, the 11th of February, at the closing ceremony of the Cairo Film Society Festival.

Recently, Elbagoury has finished shooting star Amr Diab's latest music videos; M'ak Alby, which has been shot at the Amir Taz Palace in Cairo. M'ak Alby teaser has reached 800,000 views only a week after its release on YouTube.

With his diverse experience in cinema, TV dramas, in addition to commercials and music video, Director Hadi Elbagoury's repertoire includes A'ard Khas TV series, Wahed Sahih film, which won the Best Directorial Debut award at the Egyptian National Film Center, in addition to the thriller film Warda.

With an enormous cast list, Hepta: The Last Lecture has become the highest-grossing romantic film in the history of Egyptian cinema as the film's revenues generated more than 27 million EGP since its release in Egyptian theaters.

Most recently, Hepta: The Last Lecture won the Audience Award at the Arabian Sights Film Festival in Washington and four awards at the 2016 annual poll of the Dear Guest Magazine (DG Awards). The film took part in five international film festivals including; the 6th Malmo Arab Film Festival in Sweden, the Arab Camera Festival in Rotterdam, the 38th Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF), the 2nd Mediterranean Film Festival of Annaba (FAFM) in Algeria and the Arab Cinema Week in New York.

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