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WE Ramadan Yasmine Abdelaziz and Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz
Project Title: WE Ramadan 2022 | Director Name: Hadi Elbagoury
E-Bank with Mohamed Farrag

Project Title: E-Bank with Mohamed Farrag | Director Name: Hadi Elbagoury
Hadi Elbagoury's Etisalat Ad Exceeds 11 Million Views in Less than a Week
Cairo, Egypt | Monday - 26 February 2018:
In less than a week, Etisalat Egypt's new ad by director Hadi Elbagoury, featuring star Mohamed Ramadan, topped YouTube's most watched videos with more than 11 million views.

Director Hadi Elbagoury Receives the Special Award at the Cairo Film Society Festival
Cairo, Egypt | Thursday- 9 February, 2017
At the 43rd Cairo Film Society Festival, director Hadi Elbagoury received a special award under the name of late director Mohamed Khan for his film Hepta: The Last Lecture, which marks his second award for the same film

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