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Reflecting the Mysterious and Black Political Atmosphere of the Series
Hadi Elbagoury Directs the Theme Song of The First Lady TV Series
Cairo, Egypt | Saturday- 26 July, 2014:

Prolific Director Hadi Elbagoury has directed the opening and ending theme songs of the new Egyptian TV hit The First Lady which stars Ghada Abdel Razek and Mamdouh Abdelalim.

The TV drama recounts the story of Mariam, the president's wife, who seeks by time to take over the reins of power replacing her husband; whereas some officials are sharing similar objectives of ousting the president who's subjected to assassination.

Through theme songs, Elbagoury attempts to highlight the intricate psychological dimensions of the series by combining stills of the heroine in the Presidential palace, dominated by her agony, desires as well as ambiguity; where the scene is overlooked by gloomy and dim lights to reflect the melancholic atmosphere which was furtherly emphasized by Assala's voice preforming the show's theme song Habet Zorof.

Co-written by Amr Al Shamy and Yasser Abdel Mageed and directed by Mohamed Bakir, The First Lady stars Anoushka, Abeer Sabry, Sayed Ragab and Bayoumi Fouad.

Elbagoury's directorial repertoire includes several commercial ads and music videos through which he worked with several prominent and leading Arab singers, as well as films and TV series such as Ard Khas and Wahed Sahih which won the Best Frist Film of a Director award at the Egyption National Cinema Center.

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