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Moving to the Editing Phase
Director Hadi Elbagoury Wraps up Filming for Hepta: The Last Lecture
Cairo, Egypt |Saturday- 5 March 2016:

Director Hadi Elbagoury revealed that he has wrapped up filming Hepta: The Last Lecture, which is based on Mohamed Sadek's best-selling book under the same name. Featuring a long-list of stars, the film moved to the editing phase and is set to be released in theaters soon.

Commenting on this, director Hadi Elbagoury stated, "The movie for me was very personal and very challenging because most films adapted from novels, rarely ever do justice to the novel. Therefore, the most important aspect for me was to make each love-story well-portrayed, so that people could perceive it into themselves. The beauty of Hepta is that each part in it has happened to us, we've all been there, struggling and feeling every ache and joy in our love. I wanted to transcend the reality of love that we are all familiar with, through good and bad times, victories and failures. That's what I tried to do in this film; make it real and raw to go beyond the human feelings of love. And as you go into the next stage of the film, I will still be persistent to maintain the reality of love because love, when it's good it's so good, and when it's bad it's so bad.

The screen play is based on Mohamed Sadek's best-selling book, which portrays the seven stages of love through four paralleled stories. Mohamed Sadek's bestselling novel topped the charts in Egypt and throughout the Arab world for several weeks, and sold 36 editions since its release in 2014.

The film cast list includes: Amr Youssef, Maged El Kedwany, Ahmed Malek, Ahmed Dawood, Dina El Sherbiny, Yasmine Raeis, Jamila Awad, Hany Adel, Ahmed Bedeir, together with Salwa Mohamed Aly, Kinda Alloush, Anoushka, Mohamed Farag, Nelly Karima long recently joined Shereen Reda.The film is produced by The Producers, which is co-founded by Hani Osama and Hadi Elbagoury. The cinematic adaption of the film is scripted by Wael Hamdy, who previously wrote the cinematic hit Mikano (2009), and Directors of Photography Gamal El Boushy and Leo Carbotta, a longside Production Designer Hend Haidar and Production Manager Mohamed El Hady.

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